There are three types of locksmiths mainly known for securing residential areas. The first is the local locksmith second is the professional locksmith and the third is the independent or individual locksmith. All such locksmiths are hired by a locksmith on a requirement basis. If a client runs out of budget mainly at the ending of the month, for them hiring a local locksmith is always be the better option available. On the other side, those who are rich or can afford professional locksmith by spending some extra money, simply saying, double the price for hiring a local locksmith, in that case hiring a professional locksmith is always be a better option and in the last those who want a locksmith for general actions which include simple lock servicing and lock repairing, for such action independent or individual locksmith is always a better option. A locksmith near me for a house is an independent locksmith and can be hired by the majority of people for regular security maintenance.