The functioning of the modern locking system is completely different from the locks that locksmith mainly use in traditional times. In earlier times the locks that locksmiths are using are the form of manual locks which works on the basic specification which means such locks require a mechanical metal made key for its operations which is now days getting replaced with the modern technology specified locking system. in smart locking system most of the locks work on the electronic specification in which the key is acted as the direct human interaction, a human by using his biometric data and by using the power of its brain can easily unlock the lock. biometric and personal identification number-based locks are the set example of these kinds of locking system which are highly smart. In biometric locking, a client unlocks the lock by using a simple thumb impression, and in a personal identification number-based lock, a four-digit pin is required which is stored as memory. Locksmith Boston is highly in favor of completely replacing the traditional locks with modern locking.