Locksmiths are highly popular for using various forms of locking systems in which locks of both manual and smart system based are included. In a manual locking system some of the most common locks that locksmiths are using from all time are padlock, rim mortise lock, deadbolt lock, lever handle lock, knob lock, thumb rotating lock, jammers, and many other accessories associated with them. In modern locking systems which are also called the smart system of locking locksmith use a maximum of three locks within this category which include biometric solution, personal identification number-based locking system, and card swipe-based locks. All such locks are different from each other and locksmiths mainly use this by considering client requirement and specification at the top level. Locksmith Astoria is a professional locksmith highly in favor of using the modern locking concept instead of basic manual locking. They do so by keeping the modern trend of locking at peak to make client life better.