For securing purposes there are common to see two kinds of locks everywhere first is the lock with manual properties and the second is the smart category of locks that operates on the electronic properties. Some most common locks mainly categorized within the manual category are padlocks, rim mortise locks, pin tumbler locks, lever handle locks, deadbolt locks, interchangeable core-based locking setup, and many others. On the other side in the electronic category, some most famous locks are personal identification number-based locking systems, biometric solutions, card swipe technology specified locks, and many others. Both above-mentioned categories of locks are important some of them are completely new and some are traditional with few modifications. Locksmith Cincinnati which is the famous name in the modern category of locksmith never relies completely on the above-mentioned category of locks they also prefer to use some additional accessories for smooth functioning of security in an area, some of which are CCTV cameras, alarming censors, and many others.