Along with residential areas, locksmiths have also focused heavily on the commercial specified areas Locksmiths consider the commercial sector as the premium sector which holds huge properties and expensive resources and it became important in such areas to maintain security at a high-end level. Locksmiths apply some different approaches within such a sector. They gave importance to use electronic specification-based locks in comparison to simple manual specification-based locks on regular basis. The commercial area is such a big area with a lot of complexities, mainly locksmiths categorize such sector into two configurations first is the production-based area and the second one is the services and locksmith have too accordingly. For production areas, they apply security with the combination of manual and smart locking setup and in the services-based area, they mainly prefer to use smart locking completely. Locksmith Silver Spring MD is the professional locksmith of the commercial category. They know what kind of security is best suitable for use.