Like all other sectors locksmith use, two kinds of locking systems within the automotive sector and these two kinds are manual locking system and the electronic configuration-based locking system. In the manual category,a simple lock same as the category of lever handle lock is used and in the electronic category,the central locking system is the main preference of the locksmiths. The central locking system is also called the automatic remote-based locking system. Functioning of the central locking is unique or different and mainly follows the wireless operation in which a lock body act as the receiver and a transponder which is called the key is used in combined form for complete locking setup. The central locking concept is new, locksmith try to introduce technology within such sector so that things work risk-free within such sector. Locksmith Reston VA is a modern locksmith company that mainly deals with the central locking system regarding its installation, repairing kind of actions.