Do you are familiar with that there are national companies who are using local numbers to represent themselves as local locksmiths when in fact they are permissions? Why does that matter? National companies have bigger overheads than nearby locksmith manhattan and so are more exclusive. Maybe you might think that a bigger company gives you more protection and trust. But think about that a local locksmith has lower overheads compared to national companies. Also those larger companies have an important person answering calls and that has got to be recouped and they may also charge a call out fee. Moreover, to cover costs they may charge more for any parts necessary. So whilst the expected price they give over the phone seems great, usually once they start the work they will add on bits and pieces like a call out charge, higher mark-up on any parts required and also VAT. Call centres respond your call and because they don’t know the local area well are only capable to give an expected time of arrival using online tools.