Lock greasing is part of the general lock maintenance process. You need a professional locksmith for such kinds of projects. A locksmith knows when and how to apply the grease to the lock. Before initiating the greasing sequence locksmith first clean the lock by using a fiber cloth. With the help of a cloth, they are only able for cleaning the outer part of the lock for deep cleaning they apply high-pressure air within the lock hole. For better maintenance of locksmith recommend taking lock to their service station. For greasing they use a wd-40 lubricating agent. It is a dust-free material best for providing high durability to the locks. Locksmith Smyrna is best for greasing door locks, you can consider hiring them by just making a simple phone call to them. In the majority of cases, they perform lock greasing operations on the project site, and in case if the issue is major then they consider taking the lock to their nearest service station for maintenance.