A lock pick set is required for unlocking the door locks in the absence of the original key. The lock pick set included various kinds of tools and components that are required by you to use as a lock key. Locksmith helps you in choosing the best lock pick set. Locksmith is the only one who holds complete knowledge regarding the locks and various other components used within it and based on this knowledge they hold the capability to design lock pick sets. Torsion wrench tool, Allen wrench tool, screwdrivers, bolt cutter, hammer, and many other tools are covered by locksmith within the lock pick set. Locksmiths in the majority of cases use these tools for handling lockout specified emergencies associated with all different sectors. The tools used for lock picking is not standard for all different locks, electronic locks hold electronic specification-based pick set and mechanical locks are better to handle with basic tools as mentioned above. Locksmith st Charles is best in picking up all kinds of door locks. They are professional and know all about lock pick tools.